Super Bowl Ticket Prices Page

Landing Page Showcasing Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Problem: How do we showcase Super Bowl pricing information in an interesting way for our users?
Our company recently started experimenting with data visualization technologies. So in honor of the Super Bowl, we utilized data visualization to inform our users of the ever–changing Super Bowl prices.

Super Bowl Landing Page

The first graph on the page updated daily with current Super Bowl prices to keep users informed. This implementation involved working closely with the Data Engineering team to secure this data and utilizing the Infogram platform to illustrate the figures in a visual way.

The rest of the graphs on the page also utilized Infogram technologies. Rather than simply using the same vessel over and over to showcase different data, Infogram allowed us to display the data in unique ways that create the best experience for the individual data set.

Super Bowl Landing Page

Lastly, we made sure to include multiple calls to action for the users. Before, many of our SEO landing experiences would be completely isolated from our overall company goal—helping fans to experience live events. We have learned that a lot of individuals interested in information like Super Bowl ticket prices (and other ticket-related data) are also interested in attending such live events. Therefore, by providing the user with a direct gateway to tickets from these kinds of pages, we give the user more opportunities to seek out their favorite teams, artists and shows.

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