Mapbox MLB Map

Map Showcasing Favorite US MLB Teams

Problem: How can we showcase which MLB teams are favored in various locations in the United States?
With baseball's opening day fast approaching, our SEO team thought it would be interesting to show our users who the most popular MLB teams are in their counties.

MLB Mapbox Map

Our company has experimented using the Mapbox platform for venue maps; however, our SEO team thought we could also utilize the platform for data visualization. By working closely with the SEO and Data Engineering teams, we were able to upload data to Mapbox Studio for top MLB teams in US counties.

MLB Mapbox Map

After styling the different counties based on MLB team colors and adding JavaScript so users would be able to interact with it, we released the finished product. Not long after, one of our competitors released a similar experience; however, with our map, if a user hovers over a county the corresponding information pops up. With our competitor's map, the user needs to click on each individual county to see any information. We intentionally went with the hover because users want instant gratification and we want our users to easily browse our map without any extra effort.

MLB Mapbox on Mobile

Mapbox has reached out to our company before about Mapbox–related projects we've worked on. This time was no different and they even decided to feature our MLB map on their website.

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