Gift Center Redesign

Landing Page for Vivid Seats Gift Cards

Problem: How do we create a gift card buying experience that uses updated brand styles, but keeps similar functionality to the previous experience?
Often times static SEO pages get overlooked when it comes to innovation. Because of this sad reality, our gift center landing page became lost as other parts of our websites were modernized.

Original Gift CenterLanding Page Design

First and foremost, we made the gift center landing page responsive to help users buy gift cards with ease on any device. This also meant updating the navigation in favor of a more modern treatment. These simple updates allowed for more consistency across the website, since a majority of the website was already utilizing the modern navigation design as well as a responsive experience.

Gift Center Mobile Experience

We also updated the overall style of the page with a new color palette and the ā€œVā€ pattern that has become a staple in other SEO-related content.

Gift Center Desktop Redesign

The functionality of the page remained fairly similar to the previous treatment; however, we moved the terms into a modal so the length of the page is more digestible for the user. We also planned to remove the custom gift card tag feature; however, after reviewing some analytics, we realized a lot of users actually interact with that feature. Therefore, we kept it, moving it it inline with the primary content to highlight it more.

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