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Vivid Seats Story Page

Problem: How do we convey the Vivid Seats story to new users?
We designed and developed a landing page experience to help customers understand the story behind Vivid Seats.

Experience Page

As Vivid Seats rapidly grew, we realized there was not a single comprehensive page that told the story of our company. To change this, marketing, product and UX closely collaborated in creating a brand new experience that breaks down the story of Vivid Seats.

Some of the facets that make up the Vivid Seats story include our partnerships, buyer guarantee, ticket selection, affordibility and (of course) our customers. It took many conversations to pinpoint exactly what is most important to convey to our customers about the company. After much deliberation, we determined the best approach to be the inclusion of three major bullet points near the top of the experience. This allows the user to quickly digest what Vivid Seats is and why the user should shop there.

After the bullet points, we decided to first highlight our partnerships followed by the Vivid Seats 100% Buyer Guarantee. We believed these were the most valuable subjects for users unfamiliar with the company. Most individuals find it easier to trust brands they know, so by highlighting our biggest partnerships first, we hope to give new customers a reason to trust us and shop with us.

Experience Page

The design for this experience was a result of a lot of iterating. There were countless meetings and slack conversations with feedback concerning the asthetics for the page. Overall, the design boils down to a mobile-first approach that utilizes color blocking to break up the content so users are able to easily maneuver through different sections. There is also a subtle parallax affect on the images that helps to create a more dynamic flow as the user scrolls throught the page.

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